Saturday 1st September 2018

Switch to new proxies, scheduled 2 years ago

We are going to switch to a new setup of proxies. The new proxies are more robust and secured than our current setup. The switch should be instant. It could happen that the new setup doesn't allow connections from old systems not up to date as the proxies only allow TLS 1.2 connections.

The following DNS are impacted:

  • (DEP Exchange platform Rest API used in WinBooks Classic/Virtual Invoice 7.0 and later)
  • (Digitalisation customers portal)


  • 21:40 the switch has been done, monitoring the incoming requests
  • 22:17 Mail-to and Dematbox scanner are degraded for the moment. We have a small reconfiguration to apply on our suppliers side.
  • 22:25 our proxies support both old/new config for Mail-To while some DNS are propagated and previously blocked incoming emails are flowing in.
  • 22:55 another issue preventing the load balancing on all backend servers has been found and fixed.
  • 23:25 known issues are fixed, will monitor further with load of users

If you notice issues connecting to, please check with that your browser supports TLS 1.2. For older OSes, if you have issues with WinBooks Classic/Virtual Invoice to connect to the DEP, test the above url with Internet Explorer. Older OSes require to be updated/patched to use TLS 1.2.