Wednesday 14th November 2018

Update of DEP api, scheduled 2 years ago

An update of our DEP api has been planned at 22:30. A complete downtime of 30~60 minutes is to be expected. During the update, Connect will be unavaible to prevent inter-api's issues.


  • 22:30: the api's of Connect and DEP are set in maintenance
  • 23:00: nearly all services are updated
  • 23:20: DEP api's (Soap and Rest) have been made available, checking .. ok
  • 23:23: Connect api's have been made available. checking .. ok
  • 23:25: Checking OCR, Mail-to.. OCR ok, Mail-to Connect on hold.
  • 23:35: After investigating the Mail-to Connect issue, the documents sent are stuck between the 2 api's (Dep > Connect). It is linked to a configuration change during the update of Connect today.
  • 23:45: A temporary configuration has been added to Connect to handle the pending documents until we analyze what we have missing earlier.
  • 23:50: All services are reported as ok in our monitoring system. The maintenance is finished. Pending jobs of Connect should be handled within the next 10 minutes.