Thursday 4th April 2019

Update of the DEP API, scheduled 1 year ago

During the night of Thursday to Friday (04/04 to 05/04) a major update of the DEP infrastructure has been planned.

The update requires a full downtime of the DEP api. In consequence the follow features/components/products will be unavailable:

  • Send/Receive documents from/to our digitalisation platform with Virtual Invoice, WinBooks on Web, Scansend, ... .
  • WinBooks Connect
  • WinBooks View
  • OCR processing
  • All incoming data (Mail-to, Scanner Sagemcom)

The downtime is expected to last several hours and will be reduced to its minimum.


  • 23:00 : we start the update as planned. First we put the Connect and View in maintenance mode
  • 23:05 : we start the update of the components
  • 00:11 : all resources are updated, we are checking all configurations
  • 01:15 : the maintenance has been removed for 15 minutes the time to validate the operations. We continue our tests.
  • 02:00 : the maintenance windows for the DEP api is now ended.