Wednesday 29th May 2019

Phone (010/45.12.44) Telephony unavailable

We are in contact with Proximus regarding the unavailability of our phone numbers.
Progress 29/05:

  • 09:55 - Proximus indicates the lines don't report any issue
  • 10:00 - We are in contact with our SIP provider to investigate the issue
  • 11:07 - Our SIP provider indicates the problem happens before his own devices and should be related either to the Proximus line or hardware
  • 11:35 - Proximus cannot solve the issue remotely and sends a technician Friday

Progress 31/05:

  • 09:15: Proximus investigates the issue
  • 12:00: A missing configuration in the router has been found
  • 14:00: The issue has been fixed and the phone numbers are working
  • 14:07: A last automated provisionning is started to ensure it won't break the settings.
  • 14:40: Proximus has finished the intervention

Our Service desks are available for any question.