Tuesday 13th August 2019

WinBooks Connect update, scheduled 1 year ago

An update of WinBooks Connect has been planned Tuesday 13/08 at 23:00. The maintenance windows should not exceed 6 hours. During the maintenance, the application will be unavailable.

  • 23:00 - we start the update.
  • 23:30 - most of the update is done.
  • 00:07 - we fix an issue encountered on the custom domain instances
  • 00:30 - we remove the maintenance status and check the behaviors.
  • 01:20 - the issue found on the custom domain instances is solved
  • 01:25 - we still run some database upgrade scripts but those are executed in background. All services are restored and should work as expected.
  • 15:10 - the issue preventing the opening of WinBooks View dashboard (white screen) has been fixed.