Thursday 6th February 2020

WinBooks on Web update, scheduled 11 months ago

An update of WinBooks on Web has been planned. During the update, WinBooks on Web will be unavailable. The update includes the following tasks:

  • Removal of version 2.5
  • Update of version 2.6 to the latest patch
  • Maintenance of backend servers (requires a full downtime)
  • 23:03 - we start the maintenance. All application servers are set in maintenance mode and backend services are stopped.
  • 23:32 - application and backend services 2.6 have been updated. waiting for the other updates to complete.
  • 23:58 - we lift the maintenance on all servers and we disable 2.5 version
  • 00:29 - servers with application 2.5 are replaced with application 2.6
  • 01:13 - all done