Wednesday 1st April 2020

WinBooks on Web - databases maintenance, scheduled 9 months ago

Starting at 22:00, we'll proceed to databases maintenance. During the operation, certain databases will be unavailable to some customers. Around 23:00, we'll proceed to another maintenance requiring the application being in maintenance mode during the operation. The application will be globally unavailable during this operation.

  • 22:03 - we start the migration process for the databases. Enterprise users will be impacted by this operation.
  • 23:10 - the migration is complete
  • 23:30 - we proceed to the part of the maintenance requiring the application to be in maintenance.
  • 01:50 - the maintenance is still ongoing. Waiting for the SQL server update to complete.
  • 03:00 - the maintenance is removed. all updates, transfers and maintenance are done.