Thursday 2nd July 2020

WinBooks on Web Databases maintenance, scheduled 6 months ago

Starting at 23:00, we'll proceed to a maintenance affecting the databases of accountant licenses. During the maintenance those databases will be unavailable while the application will remain globally available.

Once the accountant databases maintenance is finished, the application will be set in maintenance mode to allow us to do a maintenance on the central database. The maintenance window should not exceed 30 minutes.

  • 23:15 : we start the migration of accountant databases to the new SQL engine.
  • 23:45 : 60% of the databases have been detached.
  • 23:58: all databases have been detached. We move those to the new SQL engine.
  • 01:09: all accountant databases have been attached to the new SQL engine.
  • 01:10: we'll now migrate remaining business/enterprise databases
  • 01:44: all remaining business/enterprise databases have been attached to the new SQL engine.
  • 01:45: we'll now proceed to the application downtime to reconfigure the master SQL engine specifications.
  • 02:24: all maintenance are ended