Saturday 1st September 2018

Migration of WinBooks Classic serialization web service, scheduled 2 years ago

The web service used for WinBooks Classic serialization will be down for a migration. Except the registration of the licence in WinBooks Classic, no other features or service is impacted by the downtime. Progress:

  • 20:00 the DNS have been updated to the new infrastructure. Please not the service relies on the new proxy and will be correctly handled from 21:30.
  • 20:30 the data have been moved to the new infrastructure.
  • 21:40 we have identified a TLS 1.2/.Net 4.0 issue affecting and preventing to generate new codes.
  • 21:55 the missing OS patch to enforce TLS 1.2 has been applied.
  • 22:05 has been tested from WBC and